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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So much to go over, where should I start?

***Frustrated preface - I am not able to ONCE AGAIN load pictures via blogger! I will add later if I can. Or maybe try going here to see the pix. AARGH! - end of preface*****

Geez, I don't believe how busy I seem to be here. What's THAT all about??? I used to work 40 hours a week, now I work 36 (five 8 hour days vs. three 12 hour days) so I should have 4 more hours a week right? WRONG! Or at least it doesn't feel like that. Not quite sure when I will get my act together here but I hope it is soon.

So, as I stated on my last post (I think I did anyway) we were going off for a little weekend jaunt to Asheville to visit the house and I was planning on knitting on Arwen during the trip.

We did indeed go on our little getaway. It was just the thing that we needed as a family. . . .some time away. DH got us up on Saturday morning at an UNGODLY time and we left the house by 6 am (LEFT by 6 am - yikes!). I was planning on knitting on the drive out but: 1)it was too freakin' dark to see and 2) it was 6 am and I was too freakin' sleepy to knit! So, no knitting on the drive out. DAMN! Saturday was spent at the house and many pix were taken. We toured the house, the (empty) gardens and bass pond (pond? it was a small lake people - seriously how did people live like this??) and of course the Winery. It was a very full day and we were very tired (and hungry) after all that walking. Dinner was had at a local asian food buffet restaurant (I say Asian b/c they had EVERYTHING - sushi, stir fry, szechuan (sp?), cantonese, thai, etc., etc.) We were a bit amazed at how much good food there was.

Sunday was spent enjoying one of the great American traditions. . . . the long, quiet Sunday drive. Our road of choice for the day? The Blue Ridge Parkway. We love to go on drives. It's very relaxing and soothing to us to sit in the car and "see what we can see". The drives make for wonderful conversations and great quality time together. We stop when we want and drive where we want and it's just good. We got to drive up the highest peak east of the Mississippi although DS was bummed b/c the observation deck at the very top is being renovated and thus not open. All in all the day was full of beautiful scenery and relaxing times. I DID knit on Arwen but, for obvious reasons as mentioned above, it was only very little knitting at all. But, hey, any knitting is better than no knitting right?

Despite originally planning on driving back on Sunday, my DH surprised me on the drive out of the Parkway by saying "We don't have to get Sunny until tomorrow. Why don't we spend another night here?". I didn't see any objection and so we did. Why the suggestion to spend the night?

THAT my friend is what makes my DH the BEST! I am leaving you for a moment (this post is long enough) but will just say that it has to do with stash and further acquisition of such. . . . .

Stay tuned! tee hee


At 2:38 PM , Blogger Sourire11 said...

Ooooh leaving us on a cliffhanger!

It sounds like you guys had a great little getaway. I totally have the same feeling about road trips - time driving together can be great quality time!

At 7:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashville is so beautiful, my husband goes there every summer for a VW Thing rally. I have been known to come along sometimes! You are so fortunate to be living there, I just love the mountains!!!

At 9:43 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

you do have a great dh!


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