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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So, let's see if blogger is going to be nice this time. Here is a picture of me with one of my newest "fave" t-shirts. It's a Chub Creek shirt. Can you believe that Dave actually changed the logo to the pink just because I asked him too? He is such a great guy and if you have means to listen, his podcast is hilarious. He is a sometimes contributor to Cast-on which is where I first found him and now I don't miss a single episode. Give him a listen, why don't you? You won't regret it.

Next we have the Options needle set: 9 sets of needle points, 4 cables in 2 sizes and a carrying case. They are just beautiful and I can now truly say that I like these BETTER than addi-turbos (which are still the next best thing). Sigh. I never thought that would be possible but it's true.

Here are a couple of pix from the ball game on Sunday: I've tried now to get a few more pix (including the one where I am actually throwing the ball) and I guess blogger has had enough. I'll try again tomorrow.

Hey, and last but not least, at sit 'n knit tonight, I just found out that one of the instructors from the shop designed and published a scarf that is named after ME! Jannett's scarf is a beautiful faux cabled scarf made from Malabrigo. Ooooh. This stuff is amazingly soft. sinfully soft. exquisitely soft. But it is also warm. Very, very warm. Perfect scarf wool. And the colors are too die for! Can't wait to get going on that with some stash stuff (present from a pal). Yeah! I'll have to scan the pix from the pattern and post it when I can get to a scanner, ok?

New top is now about 65% done. I'm booking with my option needles ladies. Watch out!


At 6:20 AM , Blogger amylovie said...

Boy, have you had some exciting days here recently! You look as cute as can be on the baseball field. Congrats on the 17 years. Certainly nothing to sneeze at. Enjoy your new snazzy needles.


At 12:09 PM , Blogger Calling Kahlo said...

Oh, malabrigo so yummy. Please post a pic of the scarf. How cool to have a pattern named after you.

At 12:48 PM , Blogger irishmama said...

Congrats on 17 years, what a neat anniversary gift he got you. You're a celebrity now, what with the interview, throwing the first pitch, and a scarf named after you.

At 5:49 PM , Blogger Cathi said...

Those pictures are great- I'm so happy that you posted them! And I'm dying to see your new top!

At 9:37 AM , Anonymous Debbi said...

I just read about your Caring Caps project over on another blog. Can you get me some specifics on sizes and patterns and where to drop them off? I'm living in C-town and like the idea of contributing locally! Email me at hampdeb [@] yahoo [.] com please.


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