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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's GOOD to be back. . . .

Well, after missing to separate sit 'n knits and 1 stitch of the month, I was back at my sit 'n knit tonight and it felt GREAT! It's so funny how the "little things" tend to mean so much. I loved sitting around with the girls just knitting and talking and laughing, etc. . . .

Found a new little "toy" that I just love. It's a set of 32" circular Addi's where 1 of the needles it a size 15 US (10.0 mm) and the other is a size 7 US (4.5 mm). How would one knit with such a thing you ask? Well let me explain. . . . . . . . .If you are doing stockinette (which I happen to be doing right now) you will end up with alternating rows of size 15 stitches and size 7 stitches. Very cool actually. I guess that you can use them as conventional 15 and 7 needles by just "sliding" your work over as you do for an I-cord. I guess these are used for a specific type of knitting. I used them for a pattern that called for alternating between size 15 and size 7's and then running a ribbon through all the rows of the larger stitches. The knitting them is basically a "lattice" for holding the ribbons and you get a beautiful ribbon scarf or shawl.

It was a class at the shop but I just did it on my own b/c I liked the class model so much. I will have to post pictures as the piece advances (I only have 4-6 rows down right now).

Always something new to learn and something new to buy!!! tee hee tee hee

Good night to all!


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