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Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

It's friday morning, (late morning, but morning nonetheless) and I am at HOME! Got the day off from the hospital to "help with productivity". WOO HOO!!!!

So, on this beautiful day here I sit, (after sleeping in), sipping tea and blogging. My carpal tunnel is getting better finally and I have (against my MD's advice) picked the needles back up. I am not going overboard, but I am knitting. Aah, the comforts of wool and wood.

Many, many, many thanks to btchwstix for the beatiful blue wool and pink cotton yarns. See her blog as previously mentioned for the whole scoop. The blue wool is screaming "buttonhole bag" while the mission falls cotton is quiet for now. . . . . . . MY computer is out of commission for now and I am on my DH's. I can't post pix when I am on his but I will post the pix of the yarns (and the completed "Tempting") ASAP!. Hopefully I will finish my honeymoon cami as well and post those pictures soon!

DS and I will be out and about after school today on a quest with my other newest passion. . . . .GEOCACHING!! Yeah, it really is so much fun! If you are unaware of this worldwide phenom, got to to check it out. They really do the whole thing much more justice than I can. For those who just want a little tidbit, here is my attempt to explain.

Geocaching is a kind of "game". There are caches hidden all over the world be geocachers who then follow the caches visitors online. To geocache you need a GPS unit and a user profile online. Once obtained, you select a geocache to search for, take down the GPS coordinates and go on the hunt. Once at the location you must search for the cache (usually hidden in some wooded area, etc. . .). Upon finding it you sign a log, trade a few trinkets if you choose and then log your visit online. The fun of the whole thing is getting out and about, the "hunt" and seeing some hidden away places that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

We have seen a doe as close as 25 feet from us, beautiful, yet hidden, streams, parks and views that we would have otherwise missed. DS is learning about cardinal directions and how to use a compass. We are learning all about our local wildlife and plants, etc. . . . It really is a great wasy to get out and about. The whole "thrill of the hunt" isn't too shabby either (very Holy Grail-like y'know?). If you have a minute, go over and check it out. Maybe I will see you out on the hunt someday??????


At 6:38 PM , Blogger amylovie said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. I'd never heard of geocaching. Learn somthin' new every day.

Have a great weekend,


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